Who we are and what we do

Who we are

We are Spirit of St. Louis! This is the name of the plane which Charles Lindbergh used to cross the Atlantic Ocean from New York to Paris non stop in 1927. This custom-built, single-engine, single-seat, high-wing monoplane inspired us because it embodies the true spirit of adventure.

Many people ask themselves: “How should I dress if I want to wear vintage 50s clothes? Do I have to exactly replicate the style of that time, or can interpret it in a modern and comfortable way?”. The question is legitimate and perhaps you are asking it too. Then let us introduce you to our collection…because we do exactly that. Rediscovering the design America work clothing from a bygone golden era and combining it with Italian artisan tailoring.

Where we are

We create our garments in Vicenza; in the shadow of the Palladian villas, in Veneto, a land of wonders and beauties, between Venice and Verona. We were born in a land of great sartorial tradition; in the same land of very famous brands such as: Diesel, Marzotto, Bottega Veneta and many more.

What we do

Italian tailoring for all life’s adventures.

We create tailored garments in exclusive collaboration with professional Italian artisans. In our collections you will find all the quality and passion of Italian fashion. We combine local expertise and innovation with the heritage of Made in Italy tailoring.

Spirit of St. Louis: a collaboration of artisans located in the province of Vicenza – 100% made in Italy
Rediscovering the design of America work clothing from a bygone golden era. Our clothing offers you the experience of freedom
and comfort of Italian tailoring for all life’s adventures.


Vintage military style garments

1940sIn 1814 during the time of the British Empire, Britain sent 30,000 troops to Nepal to stem revolts. It took them two years to defeat the Gurkha Brigades. The British so admired the bravery and valour of these men that they decided to  recruit and train them.

Truppe scozzesi di istanza in Italia indossano il pantalone uomo gurkha. Spirit of St. Louis ve lo ripropone in versione migliorata

Gurkah pants in the 1930s – Scottish troups in Italy

These Gurkha regiments still exist today and the popular Gurkha trousers became part of the British Army and Airforce uniforms. Since the 1940s, the Gurkha trousers have become a timeless classic. We have reinvented these trousers, making them more comfortable to wear. We have redesigned the straps to make them easier to put on and use which still retaining that classic Gurkha line.

lindy hop pantalone gurkha aviazione militare britannica del 1943

LINDY HOP è il nome del pantalone Gurkha in stile militare di Spirit of St. Louis

look at it closely


We are inspired by the swing

Our garments are perfect for fans of swing and jazz dances and for rockabilly, hipster and streewear outfits.

L'abbigliamento swing travalica l'idea di vintage


Cinquetasche – Rockabilly blue jeans in fine valuable Japanese Denim (Kuroki®)

Cinquetasche in denim giapponese Kuroki by Spirit of St. LouisThe 1950s was the era when denim became fashionable as casual wear. The jeans of this era were based on the famous 5-pocket denim studded with rivets produced in San Francisco by Levi Strauss in 1853.

Later, in the 1960s, blue jeans became the most worn garment in student revolts and civil rights movement. Jeans became a symbol of youth and the rejection of social convention. A simple and egalitarian garment that could unite the different social classes and creeds.

Perfect for you outfit in hipster e rockabilly style, but also for boogie-woogie and surroundings

Our 5tasche jeans embrace this vision of freedom and movement. Wear these jeans and swing to the beat of a new generation filled with hope.

Abbigliamento vintage anni 50

Cinquetasche in denim giapponese Kuroki by Spirit of St. Louis. Dettaglio del fianco

look at it closely

Luxury workwear

1887 – This trousers had great success among the generation of American Pioneers. Miners, railway men, cowboys and gold prospectors. Our ICEMAN range pants is inspired by the men who delivered ice to American families at this time. Rugged and hewn from glaciers, it was shipped in giant blocks on top of horse-drawn carts to the saloon bars and hotels of those frontier towns and cities.




Solid in construction, comfortable in fit and practical in use. Iceman cotton is ideal for the man who wears casual but at the same time wants to stand out.

Iceman cotone a spina di pesce bianco e nero - dettaglio del cinturino posteriore

look at it closely



“On the road” style for on the road souls


1930sRough embodies the ruthless soul of the truck driver. 

Rough, pantalone vintage del camionista americano by Spirit of St. Louis Rough, pantalone vintage del camionista americano by Spirit of St. Louis


We are on the road for hundreds of miles a day.
Every day.

Rough is made with durable Japanese cotton. It’s the trousers of the quintessential American road trip.

Facing adventure every day without fear.
If you’re on the hunt for trouble then Rough are the pants you need to wear.



Rough - 1930s truck driver trousers by Spirit of St. Louis

look at it closely

Our denim

Spirit of St. Louis uses only high quality Japanese imported denim from Kuroki®. We encourage our customers to take good care of their blue jeans because we are confident that they will last for many and many years.

How to wash the Japanese denim :

Any fabric, once washed in water, unless it is pre-treated, can fade in colour. In addition, the fabric can reduce in its length or waist.

Our Japanese jeans will not change the size if you wash them cold or at a maximum 30 C. They may change the color, with the blue becoming more intense and deeper. However, they maintain their comfortable feel precisely because of the superior quality of the fabric

Although the advice given by experts is to wash your jeans by hand, we recommend that you consider dry cleaning. Hand wash, cold wash or dry clean (It is also ecological)

We leave the choice to you.

Please follow all our wash advices.

Our values

In our collections you will find all the quality of the passion for Italian fashion. Yes, because our garments are really made in Italy by Italian artisans.

We have focused on the local excellences of one of the most prolific areas of Italy for ideas and innovation while remaining anchored to the ancient tradition of Made in Italy: Veneto.

The upper Vicenza area is traditionally a hotbed of ambitious and innovative entrepreneurship. Here some of the most famous Italian fashion brands were born and continue to be produced.

This tradition has lasted for over half a century and has given birth to real legends of Made in Italy which have then turned into large global fashion groups. This is where our adventure started and this is where we intend to continue producing. Without compromises.

So here we are.
That’s who we are! 



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